Active Resistance to Metrication
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This press release is exclusive to The Watford Observer: for the attention of Caroline Graham

Town Centre Signs Changed to Imperial Units

The anti-metric group Active Resistance to Metrication (ARM) took their direct action campaign – to put metric signs they say are illegal back into Imperial units – to the streets of Watford Town centre last night.

Six metric distances were blacked out and their equivalents in miles, yards, feet or inches substituted, using professional white reflective lettering. The group changed three green-and-white pedestrian signs in the Town Centre and a metric-only height sign at one of the towns underpasses for cyclists (by the Town Hall). The group began a direct action campaign last year to deal with Councils that refused to remove metric signs. The seven distances changed in Watford last night bring the total number of distances changed by the group across the U.K. to 1,595.

Secretary Tony Bennett, 54, a market researcher from Harlow, said: We are now giving Watford Council a further 21 days to ensure that all signing in Watford complies with the law by being in British units of measurement. If they do not change the signs, we will come back to Watford to complete the job. Last month (16 July) all Councils in England received a stiff reminder from the Minister for Transport that metric signs on roads and footpaths are illegal. Last week Tony was arrested whilst changing 60 metric distances to Imperial in Crawley Town Centre, but the Police investigation was dropped when Crawley Council admitted their signs were illegal. He returned last Friday to Crawley to complete the amendments.


Two signs changed by the group are within a triangle formed by the Town Hall, the Public Library, and The Horns public house. [Curious drinkers came out to ask what was going on and gave support to the action when told the purpose was to change the signs back into English].

FURTHER INFORMATION: Tony Bennett 01279 635789