Active Resistance to Metrication
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PRESS RELEASE UPDATE  Tuesday 12 Nov 2002


Attn. Gaynor Selby

1. Forestry Commission Signs at Shefford, Beds  plates in yards placed over FC signs
2. 18 signs with 110 metric distances on them along the Riverside Walk in Buckingham  metal plates with distances in miles and yards placed over metric distances (completed yesterday)
3. Illegal metric-only width signs at Maids Moreton, Bucks, changed to feet and inches
4. Sign to entrance to Swanbourne House School (near Winslow, Bucks) changed from 100m to 100 yds
5. Two metric signs in Buckingham Town Centre changed from metres to yards

I confirm we have not reported the Toddington raid to any other newspaper or media.

Tony Bennett 01279 635789