Membership of A.R.M.

£5.00 for a full year’s membership.

£10.00 = life membership (one-off payment)

On joining, we will send you a pack of 12 of our entertaining postcards (samples to appear soon on our Photo Gallery page).

Please send a cheque or Postal Order made out to ‘County Watch’ at the address below

There is one other condition of membership. On joining, we will ask you to adopt a nickname which must include any unit of British weights and measures. This is just for fun, nothing else.

Nicknames already adopted by our members include, for example: Daisy Chain, Furlong, Foot Rule, Wun Tun, Rod Pole, Polly Peck, Yardstick, Hundredweight, Dr. S. Cruple and many more.

You will be entitled to attend our Annual Meeting and elect our Committee.


Correspondence Address:

9 Station Cottages,
Brampton Road,
PE29 3BW.


Derek Norman: 01480 435837


Tony Bennett: 01279 635789 or Mobile 07835 716537