Illegal signs erected by the London Borough of Islington in the 1990's

These illegal signs were erected by the London Borough of Islington in the 1990s. After we told the council they were illegal, they refused to take them down…
So we did!

Welcome to our website, where you will find news of an unusual, entertaining and successful campaign. We were set up in 2001 to combat unnecessary and unwanted enforcement of metric measures in Britain. We are best known for our contribution to stopping the government wasting £1 or 2 billion on trying to change Britain’s 2 million road signs to kilometres and metres.

Metric distance signs on our roads and footpaths are illegal. On our Campaigns page you will find details of what to do if you see one.

On our Photo Gallery and Gazetteer pages you will find fascinating details of how we have ensured that thousands of ugly and illegal metric signs have been removed – and replaced with friendly signs in familiar miles and yards.

On our Reports & Articles and Archive pages you will find more details about the issues involved and details of our efforts over the past 12 years to eradicate unwanted metric signs from our land.

Find out more on our About us & Contacts page, join us, and help us preserve as much as we can of the best system of weights and measures ever devised.

A.R.M. is happy for Science and Industry to use metric units, but believes that the Imperial system of weights and measures used to drive the Industrial Revolution is part of our History, Heritage and Culture and therefore should be preserved.

Popular opinions:
Polls taken by British Weights and Measures Association have shown that Imperial measures are preferred to Metric. Click here for more information


A.R.M. Direct Action event at Hylands Park, Chelmsford.