We gratefully acknowledge support from all the following:

Our November 2017 new member hailing from the Southampton area adopting the name Slug – which is a unit of mass defined in the US common system of units.

Our latest member from over the pond – what a nice letter, sums up a lot!
Well said that man Hot Rod!

our illustrator, for designing our logos and for all his support

for advice and financial assistance

for many generous donations to enable us to remove and amend many illegal metric distance signs

for support, sustenance and sandwiches

for his assistance on many raids

of The Americans for Customary Weight and Measure, who helped set up the A.R.M. Facebook and Twitter pages, and has assisted, here, with correcting and updating this page

Some say he can stop his dogma from being run over by his karma, but we thank him for valuable assistance on website development.

and many other members, supporters and spotters who help us to eradicate unwanted metric detritus

for graphic design

for creating the cartoon featuring the late Steve Thoburn, greengrocer from Sunderland, which we’ve used on one of our postcards

who have supported us financially or in any other practical way

who have removed their illegal metric signs and have saved us the trouble of doing so